Thank God For Eggie`s House

After a very nervous ride through the forest, saw us safely at Dino`s and Eggie`s house , as soon as i saw Dino i fell into her arms and wept like a baby WHY IS THAT BAD MAN MAKING ME GO TO MONGOILIA ! she soothed my brow and said `dont worry eggie will sort everthing ` Then kicked my arse and told me to be a MAN, (oh and also handed me a cold beer)

Eggie is a star not only did he fix the long list of things on Henry`s bike but he also found time to make a fork brace to stiffen my forks , while this was happening i moved my top box and tire rack four inches forwards this also ment i had to cut the seat down , after a good days work i took the bike out for a test ride WHAT A DIFFERENCE it was actualy like riding a bike not a snake , 2 more days saw henry sorted out and all the shopping done . I also way about a stone more because Dino kept tempting me with more food and saying “Go on Zebb have another one you don`t no when you will get another ” I have a vision of being in Magadan weighing 25 stone and H saying HAVE ANOTHER CAKE ZEBB YOU DON`T NO WHEN WE WILL GET ANOTHER .

Time to leave