The ride to Leipzig was done in the rain with henry constantly falling behind , when we finaly had time to stop it turned out he was having terrible tank slappers at about 60mph , he moved spare tires forwards and this helped to cure the problem.

As with any big trip, weight is always going to be a problem

Next day saw us off to Poland , I LOVE POLAND! The old Poland, The soviet Poland and the New, all seam to live side by side i always get the feeling that i am finally going east when i get here

old border crossing———————— don`t care if it is happy, going into a

porta-loo has never put a smile on my face.

The first nights stop was in the city of Wroclaw , after visiting the old Russian cemetary we got a taxi in the old square, sunk a few beers and bumped into an expat from bootle , Rob and his wife Pasha we had a beer and a piss-takeing session and got an invite from pasha for a free breakfast at there`s , last minute though Pasha remembered that Rob had an early morning flight (bummer).

Off to camp at Auschwiz in the morning, always seams odd camping there.

on from there to the salt mines at Krakow i have been before but Henry wanted to see them, i was bored stupid (or mybe i am always stupid) just as i said “looks like the hottest day yet ” the Electric storm started , nice with a great big lightning rod on the back of your bike . wet ride for the rest of the day H found a campsite just when we needed it (good lad)

got a nice cup of tea from a brit campervan in the morninig they had been traveling 18 months with still some places to go , OFF TO THE UKRAINE BORDER