The border crossing was not to bad , but they wanted us to leave the bikes and walk through to get the insurance , the last guard made a call, then sent us back , then they let us through , Off to L`viv , roads as crazy as ever L`viv has 800 year old cobble stones polished to perfection , 100 year old tram lines , and every thing is collapsing , when wet it makes a strong man cry, great time in the city and guess what it was raining when we left (and yes i was crying) i managed a complete flit from one side to the other at a tram stop , and just caught the bike on the way down

Next two days were shit as we were reamed by the police at every chance they got (we had to bribe them to get our documents back) the locals took pity on us and told us the scams they use , a big thanks has to go to the chief who cooked us a great meal , and made us feel much better about the Ukraine , (details will be posted soon )

And then to odessa

BIG TWIN LITTLE SINGLE on the beach at the black sea

After a trip to the beach at Odessa we were off following the coast
east again , we passed a great big millitary base with row upon row
of helicopter gunships,(best not to take pictures) we headed for a no existant bridge and ended
up having to go around the many inlets instead. After many a false
hopes of a wild camp we went down a long dirt track, through a village
that looked like it came straight out of FIDDLER ON THE ROOF,we then
pitched tents on the best flat spot 20 meters from the sea (this turned
out to be the village football pitch ) after a few sticky moments with
the village elders everyone decided it was good to have English travellers
to stay. Then the kids turned up so out came the sweets, lots of photo`s
with everyone on the bike, and teenagers played football round the camp
(lots of young ones are tought english at school so when the shyness
wheres off they like to practice it) we had a bit of a bad night sleep
because the word was out “TRAVELLERS ON THE BEACH” so everyone from local
villages turned up , we were going too stay 2 nights but thought better
off it as tomorrow was saturday EVERYONE WOULD COME TO SEE US
As we packed up one of the young lads turned up with eggs and milk still
warm from the cow given to us for our trip. GREAT!