Well the trip to the crimea was a bit mixed , but good riding , we ended up wild camping in a nature reserve, but just before we turned in for the night a guy appeared , this sort of took the relaxed atmosphere away as nether of us could understand one another, i told H (who is not used to wild camping ) to sleep light tonight and get out of the tent if any one turns up again , what i laugh i had at the state o Henry in the morning , he told me he sat up most off the night face-ing the tent door a can of mace in one hand and an entrenching tool in the other listening to me snoor (HE HE HE)

next day off to Balaclava . The welcome from the border guards was great , just welcomed us in and told us to have a nice time , the crimea is totaly different, the police are more relaxed and the roads are much better , we found the monument to the charge of the light brigade .while we were there we thought we saw a camp site in the distance (this turned out to be an enduro race ) the lads were made up to see us , none More than Vitalik who was to spend the next 2 days showing us around and sorting us out (a lot more about this will be posted soon) Thank mate , i am having problems uploading photo`s at the moment .

A big thank you to Constantine of the night Wolves for all the hospitality they have a great place and you want to see the custom show they have planned ,

DID I SAY ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

For all you that are interested we are in Astrakhan on the caspian sea Russia

not any more we are in kazakhstan my blog is behind because i have to look after the picture site and the vids

NOT THERE ANY MORE IN BUKHARA IN UZBEKISTAN ,,, site gets an update tomorrow