ok ok hang on kirst ,when we get snailnet the keyboard is in russian .

we finaly got the paper work to get out of uzbekistan and headed down south to the boarder at panjikent only to find a man with a AK47 telling us NO,,,,,totaly fucked after a hard hot day so back to samarqand, ,,refreshed the next day with money in our pockets we head south again THROUGH THE FUZZY FELT DESERT,(thats what we call it anyway) arrived at the border and we were through EASY PEAZEY.

we got caught out by the impending darkness so pulled in behind a dissused factory, tents up, visit by locals, both me and H sleeped with our ear plugs in as the local frogs competed to entertain us all night ( were`s the man with the AK when you need him)

up early an into dushanbie, picked up money and headed down the road to Kharog ,,,,,,,, DID I SAY ROAD no i could not of said ROAD ….ROAD oh how i DREAM (if i had more than snail net i would post the pic`) ME AGAIN IN THE SHIT

i am writing this in Osh Kyrgyzstan as there was no net in Tajiki and not a lot of air at 15,300ft, makes you feel all funny it does.