We finally made it down the mountain pass completly knackered and that most wonderfull of sights A TARMAC ROAD the road came the easy way over the mountains, why didn`t we think of that ! an hour later and we passed a village with a b&b sign, thanking the sky god we pulled in and were made instantly welcome by the Tajiki family that ran it.

Off we went in the morning only to stop many times trying to get a good photo of the bloody marmmets who are about the size of wood cats bright tiger orange fur, black nose`s and ears, and a black tipped tail, cute as a button, but can though`s bastards run , Henry finaly managed to get some vid of one leggin it


a good days ride saw is in Mughrab and a not to bad bunk house , spent a couple of days here as my arse fell out ,

feeling much better we set off to Kyrgyzstan along the chinese border , we got caught by a snow storm at 11,000 ft, but finally the road started again so we could lose some hight quickly, the view over the lake was as every thing out here is !stunning ! and we saw a water spout rise over the lake ,

The road finally ended and we were back to rocks upto the border ,we had a bit of trouble with the customs over the bikes , as the border we entered at, did it on computer and did not issue forms , here the had never seen a pc , but in the end the exepted our insurance forms instead,, sailed through the rest (you realy have to be on your commanding officers shit list to be sent here , you can definetly call this posting bum fucks vill )

No mans land between the two borders is about 20km of slippy down hill mud what a reception at the Kyrgyzstan border everthing off the bikes , and the bastard guard dog ran of with my boil in the bag sticky toffie pudding (the twat i was saving that for when i was feeling pissed off)