Dont go to OSH the British goverment screamed ,,, DANGER! DANGER ,,, The tit`s !!one of the most friendly places we have visited ,,,,

Kyrgyzstan was a real change, they have ROADS, and it`s green, mind you things that are green come with a price RAIN , winding through the mountain passes looking at the hill peoples way of life while riding on tarmac was such a welcome change , a couple of wild camps one by a very nice lake so we could swim saw us arrive in OSH, first stop change some money ,second stop roast chicken vendor at the side of the road , great women she came over and gave us a cup of coffie each ,

Then a young lad passed by who could speack english, and gave us directions to a hotel HOTEL BEIJING, is situated right in the heart of the biggest BAZZAR we have seen so far and was great , we stayed 4 days we were having such a good time

The hotel receptionist Gulmira gave up here day off to show us round and practice her English THANKS MIRA , Henry has your photo and will post it on his blog .

The hotel was also worried about our bikes parked outside so in stepped the supermarket manager and found us a place in the shop ,

We left OSH for Bishkek a couple of days ride away, so off over the mountains again , there are big mountain people settlements up in the passes, and it was great to see all the yurts and horses (oh and the sat dishes and merc`s)

Bishkek is a modern city we were quite lost when we arrived , but luck was with us again i called in a office to ask if they new of a hotel the woman looked at me like i was from mars then said in perfect english ACTUALLY i now some one who rents apartments, quick phone call later we were sorted , all we had to do now was find it (used the old pay a taxi and follow it trick ), lots of shoping for prezzies for everyone , and set up the tech for the horizons `live on the road` session .that seamed to go quite well .


Bishkek was the turning point for home as we had run out of time to make it to the naadam festival in Mongolia so the new route home is Astana in Kazakhstan straight north into west siberia Russia, turn left for a long way, over the ural mountains ,hang a right for even longer till we hit Moscow,, up abit, left abit till we hit Latvia, take a left into Lithuania, Poland. do BERLIN and home we think it will take 5 or 6 weeks so that should get us home mid August.