MOSCOW is a monster of a city and oh boy have they embraced capitalism they are out yanking the yanks , who ever thought you would get the chance to stand in RED SQUARE

, The ride here was easy good roads and the trafic was not to bad, we had booked a good hotel before we arrived and are totaly spoiling our selves and shopping for prezzies again (it`s really odd but we think because we are in Moscow we are nearly home ). Anyway today is our last day here so i have been down to the Kremlin to have a good look around , and recheck the bike

Why is it every -were we put down for a few days , the last day we always end up with a head so fat it won`t fit in OUR helmets , this time the germans found us , telling us how great our trip was ( thats german for you dum old fucks )and filling us full of beer , gin , and wine . OH HOW WE LUV IT !till in the morning when we start the 3 day ride to the Latvian border (ah how i just love sleeping under bushes AGAIN)