BOY did we have problems getting here
the minute we left Moscow H`s bike started to play up it would not start (flat battery) and when running would not go over 70 click an hour , every time it stopped we had to push it or jump start it from my bike , after about 4 hours we pulled into a car parts shop, we put my spare rectifier on H`s bike (his own was at home on the living room floor with everthing else) bought some jump leads so at least we could start the bastard thing,

Another night in a field brought us to within 200km of the border, but just as we pulled onto the road H`s bike pulled the valve out of the front inner tube ,as luck would have it just as the first crash of thunder and rain hit the road, OH HOW HE LAUGHED , i was just glad it wasn`t me…

all fixed and through the Latvian border in quick time and good tarmac FOR THE FIRST 2 KM , THEN DIRT , but they were just playing with us good roads all the way after that , H managed to get a battery and all was well for a little while.

Latvia is loverly